Terms and Conditions

It is important that you read the following Booking Conditions together with the ‘Useful Information’ section within our website.

These form the basis of your contract with us. Please read both these sections carefully as they apply to all bookings you make with us unless otherwise specified.

In these Booking Conditions, ‘we’, ‘us’ and ‘our’ are references to Walking London (Battlefield Journey Limited)
“You” means all persons named on the booking (or any of them as applicable) including anyone who is added or substituted at a later stage. For online and telephone bookings, we will communicate with you by e-mail if you have provided us with your e-mail address for this purpose.

You must check your e-mails on a regular basis. We may also contact you by telephone and/or post if we cannot, for whatever reason, contact you by e-mail. Except where otherwise stated, you may contact us by email for any of the reasons mentioned in our Booking Conditions at info@walking-london.co.uk

1. Our Agreement

A contract is made when we verbally confirm your booking or, if you make your booking online, when it is confirmed by the issue of an electronic confirmation and invoice at the end of the booking process which you must print and keep. For all bookings, we will endeavour to post our confirmation to you within 7 days. You must check all documents we send you carefully as soon as you receive them. We cannot accept any liability if we are not notified of any inaccuracy (for which we are responsible) in any document within 14 days of us sending it out.

We both agree that English law will apply to your contract and to any dispute, claim or other matter of any description which arises between us (“claim”) except as set out below. We both also agree that any claim must be dealt with by the courts of England and Wales only unless, in the case of court proceedings, you live in Scotland or Northern Ireland. In this case, proceedings must either be brought in the courts of your home country or those of England and Wales. If proceedings are brought in Scotland or Northern Ireland, you may choose to have your contract and any claim governed by the law of Scotland/Northern Ireland, as applicable (but if you do not so choose, English law will apply).

2. Booking A Tour

All our Tours must be pre-booked, so please be sure to contact us for the tour you are interested in.

Tours can be paid for at the time of booking or on arrival at the meeting point on the day. You can pay by cash /cheque on the day or by BACS beforehand.

You must be at least 18 years old to make a booking with us.

3. Group Tours

We welcome groups of walkers. Group rates are available. Please enquire when you make your booking.

4. Walk Cancellation by You

Should you need to cancel a tour we are happy to either switch you to another tour or, providing you give us 24 hours notice (for larger groups of 6 or more we require 72 hours notice), we are happy to issue a full refund.

5. Walk Alteration by You

Should you wish to make any changes to your booking, please advise us as soon as possible in writing. Whilst we cannot guarantee changes can be made to your booking, we will endeavour to meet requests if we can.

6. Should You Arrive Late

If you think you may arrive late please be sure to call your guide as soon as is practically possible (you will be supplied with his/her number beforehand), so that we can direct you to your tour.

We can do this for up to 20 minutes after the designated start time of a tour. However, if it is more than 20 minutes we cannot guarantee to be able to get you to the tour.

In the event of your being late no refunds will be given.

7. Alterations and Cancellations by Us

We reserve the right to cancel a tour should the guide be taken ill or should circumstances arise that make the operation of a tour impossible. These might include severe weather, major transport disruption or some other unforeseen event.

However, please note that weather really does have to be extreme before we cancel. Please keep an eye on the weather forecast before your walk and ensure that you are dressed according to the weather forecast. Bad weather does not constitute a valid reason for your cancelling a tour.

If we cancel a tour we will offer you the choice of either switching to another date or tour or of receiving a full refund of any monies you have paid to us.

It may be necessary, sometimes at short notice or without any prior notice, to make changes to an itinerary due to unforeseen events.

8. Safety

We begin each walk with a safety briefing. Tour participants are responsible for their own personal safety at all times. We ask that you pay attention when crossing roads and that you are mindful of cyclists who may also use some of the routes we take. Please have your own personal safety in mind at all time. We also ask you to be aware of any dangers, such as loose paving stones.

Whilst Covid-19 restrictions remain in place we suggest that all participants carry a face mask with them and their own supply of hand gel or similar.

9. Your Guides

Unless otherwise stated on the walk’s page the tours will be conducted by one of Malcolm Donald, Andrew Date or Megan Date. In some instances we also work with guides specialised in a particular field or subject.

In the event of guide illness we reserve the right to substitute a named guide with another equally qualified guide.

All of our guides will have received both doses of the Covid-19 vaccine.

10. Complaints Procedure

Should you have a complaint about any aspect of your walk, you must notify your walk guide immediately so that the problem can be quickly resolved during your tour. If the matter cannot be resolved to your satisfaction straight away, you must immediately complete a Customer Complaint Form (available from our tour guide) with details of your complaint.

You must send this report to us within 28 days of returning home. Disputes arising out of, or in connection with, any walk booking made with Walking London which cannot be amicably settled, may be referred to arbitration.

11. Customers With Health Considerations / Disabilities

Our walks may not be suitable for people with certain disabilities, medical conditions or significantly reduced mobility.

Should you suffer from any disability, medical condition or significant reduction in mobility which may affect your or other clients’ tours, you must provide full verbal and written details at the time you book, including any specific requirements you have. Additionally, at the time you book, you must provide verbal and written confirmation that all assistance required will be provided by your companion(s). You must also notify us of any adverse changes or deterioration in the disability or medical condition, or development of any disability or medical condition or material reduction in your mobility after booking.

In view of the nature of our holidays, we regret we must reserve the right to decline any booking or cancel (in the event of the development, deterioration or adverse change of any disability or medical condition or material reduction in your mobility occurring after confirmation) whenever we reasonably feel unable to accommodate the needs or restrictions of any particular customer or where, in our reasonable opinion, the medical condition, disability or reduced mobility of the customer concerned is likely to have a significant adverse effect on other customers taking the same holiday. We further reserve the right to cancel any holiday and impose cancellation charges if we are not fully advised of any relevant disability or medical condition or significant reduction in mobility at the time the booking is made and/or promptly notified of any development, adverse change or deterioration occurring after booking.

12. Behaviour

We reserve the right to refuse participation in a tour to anyone who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs. We also ask that you do not bring alcohol to drink on the tour as the consumption of alcohol in certain parts of London is against the local by-laws and carries a £200 fine.

Anyone whose behaviour is disruptive or is spoiling the enjoyment of a tour for other tour participants will be asked to leave the tour. No refunds will be given should this happen.

In the event of any customer behaving in such a way as to cause or be likely (in our reasonable opinion or the reasonable opinion of any person in authority), to cause offence, danger, damage, significant discomfort or distress to others, we reserve the right to terminate that person’s walk and will ask him/her to leave the tour. No refunds will be given should this happen.

13. Important Notice

The information on our website is believed accurate when published. PLEASE NOTE: there may be changes to the content of our websites which, where known at the time of booking and relevant to you, will be notified to you by us before any contract between us is concluded. In some cases, walks advertised on our website may operate subject to there being a minimum number of bookings.

14. Privacy Policy

You may not, without prior consent, make any audio or video recordings of any part of the tour commentary.

Walking London reserves the right to take photographs during our tours to use for promotion and publicity in all media and the copyright of such pictures will remain with us in perpetuity.

Walking London will, under the Data Protection Act, ensure that the privacy of our clients will be maintained at all times. We will never share or sell the information contained in our database to any third parties

Published: March 2021
Updated: July 2023

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